Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mari melawat istana Qarun

The palace facade
Minor component of 3-storey .. And 336 room!!
Door of the palace which you see in the previous image
Is not the original section
But the door was the original granite
And where it enters the key to the palace
Was a circle with a radius of about 5 cm !!
The granite also holds a number of powerful people !!
(What's that approach to bear the initial force NLD )
The first thing you enter the palace to find throne
And bottom of the throne a large hole all dark scary
And extends to the bottom of the depth of 3 roles
And the body of the Karun and his money are a place Rift

Throne of the palace entrance
You will notice the presence of other sections after the main entrance
Indeed, it was Palace's 3 doors !
Together we approach the throne slowly ....

Here is the place where he was sitting by the Karun crowned himself
Of course, the chair was of gold
And all his clothes, gold
And those who do not know the source of wealth Karun
He asked Moses, peace be upon him
That God calls him to give him a lot of money
God Ffersgah note a unique chemistry
Able to shift the dust into gold
So when Moses said to him that this money is from God
Karun said to him: but I knew Ootih
On both sides of the chair in the previous picture was the Rift
It is clear to you in the following image

It was very large, but it was part of the restoration
And found the documents from the papyrus
Written by the accounts and figures
Was transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
On both sides of the chair there Slim
One of the rising of the right of the
And the other on the left to go
Such peace is found in one of its sides the corridors, the corridors
Infiltrated the palace across the land outside the city and open !
I mean if an attack took place at the palace
Emerge through these tunnels to the outside of the whole country
And not only outside the palace
When you climb to the second floor, we will find the room in which the Treasury
The 3 cabinets had a gold
In the third floor of a place of worship
Where he was worshiped as gods decrees on the wall
This floor floors more affected
There are very destroyed in the roof
So you see the shortcomings of the highest Fayoum easily
On this floor, I saw the city that surrounded the palace
And the one that was inhabited by people of Korah
Who had come to them in a decorated
And they were telling us Ialit such as Oti Karun

A clear course of things salient in the sand
It is a surrounding rooftops
And is now buried in the sand

One of the pillars of minors
It is worth mentioning that the palace built the same way as building the pyramids
Means without cement or any building material between stones
Only the stones next to each other, but it is too tied to
Through the empty air as he did the pharaohs in their buildings .. So it still exists so far
For those who want to know how quickly :
Are laying the first stone
Then put a chemical it is withdrawing the ambient air
Then put another rock before entering the air
So stick Alhjeran not they separate at all
Only if it enters the air between them once again

Eddy Rizal

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