Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Katil Ajal

A mother found her beloved baby dead cold with his head stuck between the bedpost and the bed. The baby was estimated to have died from suffocation as he tried to get out from the bed in the morning.

Looking at the conditions of the scene, it was confirmed that the baby had died from suffocation as he tried to free his head from the wooden barrier as he faced downwards on the bed and bedsheet which muffled his cries, unheard by anyone as his legs dangled unable to reach the floor. Looking at the torn bedsheet, you could only imagine his suffering as he blew his last breath.

Dimana berlaku tidak diketahui, namun, sentiasalah kita berwaspada & beri tumpuan yang lebih keatas bayi.

Jangan ditinggalkan mereka tanpa jagaan. Sedih kalau lihat gambar ini.

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