Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Kang Kang Dilahirkan Berwajah Sumbing

Baby Kang Kang was born in China with a terrible malformation causes “unknown” and “possibly multifactorial,” according to the specialists’ point two diagnoses that may be interrelated: a malformation during the first weeks of gestation and an atypical facial cleft between the eyes and ears. The only option is surgery Kang Kang must reach before it begins to discover that it is different from other children. ”

Mercedes Martin maxillofacial surgery doctor in children’s hospital in La Paz in Madrid said: “The causes of Kang Kang malformation are difficult to determine. Infection during pregnancy, environmental problems or taking medication by the mother, coupled with small unknown genes may have caused this in the child. ”

The surgeon added: “His poignant aspect has a solution. A double surgery with subsequent alterations, which should arrive no later than age three, when children begin to take the concept of body image and realize that is different from the others. ”

Eddy Rizal

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